Choco Mocha Soap

Coffee Chocolate Soap is a wonderful product that I do sell quite a bit of. People ask me what is so great about coffee soap so I thought I would give you a list of a few of the awesome benefits of Coffee chocolate Soap. Here are just a few.
  • can help make cellulite less noticeable
  • great exfoliate
  • can help soothe sunburned skin
  • can help soothe winter burned skin
  • can help blood circulation in the skin
  • has anti inflammatory properties
  • has antioxidant properties
  • can help remove dead skin and environmental pollutants
  • soothes itchy skin
  • can help smooth heels and rough feet
  • can help reduce puffiness under the eyes
  • exfoliates leaving glowing and fresh looking skin
  • can eliminate free radicals in the skin
  • can reduce inflammation
  • can reduce or lessen red skin
  • coffee grounds act as a great massaging agent
  • Chocolate soap for bath time is a special way to delight the skin and the senses.

    Chocolate is a natural healer, helping to relieve stress and introduce antioxidants to the body. The prime ingredient, cacao, comes from a small, bitter bean that is packed full of natural disease fighting elements such as flavonoids and theobromine. Also containing iron and magnesium, cacao can help ward off nasty effects of aging as it can help to make arteries and veins more flexible.

Treat yourself to a bar of luxurious Choco Mocha Soap choco mocha soapstoday and you will be so thankful you did!